Let’s strengthen your construction projects together.

Revolutionize Your Construction Projects

Revolutionize Your Construction Projects

Elevate your construction administration and financial management to the next level with our advancedcost control and ERP implementations.

All-in-one services

Expert in ERP Implementations and Cost Controlling for the Construction Sector

ERP Implementations

Transform your construction company with our custom ERP solutions. Teamservices offers seamless integration, practical training, and ongoing support to make your business processes more efficient.

Controlling Services

Effectively manage and optimize your construction project costs with our specialized cost control services. Benefit from detailed budget analysis, ongoing cost monitoring, and strategic insights to keep your projects within budget and on schedule.


Unlock the power of data with our advanced dashboarding services. Teamservices offers interactive, real-time dashboards that visualize critical business data, providing you with quick and efficient insights for better decision-making and performance management.

Your Navigation Partner in Construction Project Management.

Transform Your Construction Projects with Our ERP Expertise.

  • Integrated ERP Solutions: Our approach ensures seamless integration with your business processes, resulting in increased efficiency and improved project management.

  • Expert Cost Controlling: With our experienced cost controllers by your side, we guarantee precise cost management, essential for the success of your construction projects.

  • Independent, Proven Methods: Our best practice approach, combined with our independence from specific software, enables us to provide flexible, efficient solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Meet our amazing team

Our Team: The Power Behind Our Success

Davy Smits

Solution Architect

Dennis Michiels

Application Expert

Ward Ooms

Application Expert

Mieke Schillemans

Project Administration

Sebri Nur

Systems and IT Management

Ammar Alsharek

Software Engineer

Let's strengthen your construction projects together.

Enhance Your Construction Strategy with Our Expertise!

Take the leap towards efficiency and precision in your construction management with our specialized ERP implementation and cost controlling services.